Hhan'uk Frostheat

Dwarf Monk




Hhan’uk Frostheat grew up in some backwater village that no one remembers but himself. This is where he was born. The Village had all sorts of people in it, from Human Traders, Dwarven Blacksmiths, and Halfling Pickpockets. It wasn’t much, but it was home. Hhan’uk did everything a young dwarf did in his childhood. He wrestled, fought, played tag and other games, often winning them. Then his life was flipped, turned upside-down when an Elven Warlord came to town, and left it in pieces. They killed everyone. They killed the baker, who would give him bread even when he didn’t have enough. They killed that old lady who would always greet him and the other children when he scampered on by. They even killed the Elder, who taught everyone to be fair to each other and be good people. Anyone who survived and made it out either left everything, or went to the neighboring town. Hhan’uk departed to said town. Here he spent the better half of your life training. One of the survivors was a old Tiefling Monk. The Monk was shunned in this town and not tolerated by anyone, except Hhan’uk. He saw something in you. He saw courage, and the will to right the wrongs of that Elven Warlord. He taught you the basics. Punching, Kicking, Guarding, and everything in between. He was just about to pass on everything he knew before the same Warlord’s lackeys started attacking the town. Hhan’uk didn’t hesitate. He was the first to lead the rebel cause. Hhan’uk and anyone that was tired of being ruled over fought back, and won. Because of this, he were regarded as a Hero. Bards sang of his great victory. Poets wrote of his battle, and the Tavern Keeper always told travelers to watch out, because if they didn’t, they’d have to deal with Hhan’uk Frostheat the Monk.

Hhan'uk Frostheat

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